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Why Janssen Maher?

Premium Domain Names:
Our collection of domain names have each chosen by our experts to ensure premium quality.

Clear and Transparent Pricing:
We have fixed transparent pricing with no hidden fees or escrow charges. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed delivery of your premium domain.

Effortless Domain Transition:
Ensure a seamless transfer experience with Janssen Maher. Our dedicated team facilitates a smooth and hassle-free process, ensuring your chosen domain is in your ownership with ease.

What Next?

Secure Checkout Experience:
Complete your purchase with confidence through our secure checkout, accepting major credit cards and Bitcoin for your convenience.

Personalized Transfer Guidance:
Expect a dedicated agent to reach out, providing personalized instructions to guide you through the smooth transfer process.

Guaranteed Payment Protection:
Rest easy knowing that your payment is securely held until you confirm the successful delivery of your chosen domain name. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Unleash your online potential in 3 simple steps

  • Secure your domain name

    Choose to buy, lease, or rent, and checkout using our secure payment options.

  • Get ready for big results

    We handle the domain name transfer and can guide you on how to use it.

  • Reap the rewards

    Use your domain name and unleash your online potential.

The odds are… that you’ve arrived here because you’ve either typed in a domain name you want, or you’ve been guided here by a friendly email notification - either way, WELCOME, we’re glad you’re here!  

My name is Duncan Swan, I’m the founder and CEO of Janssen Maher… here’s my 10 second elevator pitch…

“If you buy this premium domain name then you will be able to increase both brand awareness, website traffic and sales, reduce costs and have an appreciating asset!”

… and here’s my 2 minute elevator pitch…!

In today’s ruthless business environment, and especially in the all-important digital landscape that rules all our lives, seemingly from the moment we awake until the moment we go to bed at night, having the right online presence can be a game-changer
for your business, and more importantly, your bottom line!

Owning, leasing or renting a premium Domain Name from Janssen Maher is a great decision. Why?

It’s memorable - it aligns your brand with customers, new and old.

It builds you a new digital storefront - it takes you (and your profits) from the side street to Main Street. In one stroke, it enhances credibility and trustworthiness, whilst simultaneously improving click-through rates and ultimately sales whilst reducing expensive ad spend on social media platforms.

It gives you the competitive edge over and above your competitors - having a premium domain name
that aligns with your website content will boost SEO rankings.

As well as all this, your premium domain name could significantly increase in price as well as adding value to the business it’s related to.

So go ahead and click that button now - and make your choice from 3 options -

1) Buy the domain outright, pay all and receive your DAV Valuation Certificate and have the domain transferred to you, and start using your new name and increase your traffic and sales!

2) Lease the domain and spread the cost over 12 months with 12 equal payments, receive your DAV Valuation Certificate and have the domain transferred to you upon the final payment. Start using your new
name and increase your traffic and sales!

3) Rent the domain, and start using the name and increase your traffic and sales.

If you’re not in an elevator (!) … and if you need more information before making your decision, then please feel free to look at all the interesting information here on this website, along with all the FAQ’s. Please feel free to contact us, without obligation, at any time - we are only too happy to assist you in making a great, well-informed decision.

But - please bear in mind, that others, namely your competitors, may also be aware of this incredible opportunity (and probably perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity), so if you can see the possibilities this could bring, then I urge you to take action sooner rather than later, as once it’s gone, it’s gone - and we don’t have another one! And ….neither has anyone else! It’s unique….and currently it could be yours - so go ahead and grab it!

If you can see, and fully believe and understand the potential of this opportunity, then please go ahead and buy the domain name, either outright or by spreading the cost over the next 12 months.

However, if you’re not too sure, but at the same time you want to secure the name and perhaps more importantly, take it off the table so that your competitors can’t buy it, then it would be a word to the wise to rent it for a year for a fraction of the purchase price. This means that you have a year to decide your next move at your leisure, whilst securing the name in your favour at very little cost.

So - what are the benefits of buying a Premium Domain Name...

Increase Your Visibility And Have More People Find You

A premium domain can help your website get more targeted traffic from search engines. Domain names that include relevant keywords are more likely to be ranked higher in search results.

Using a location-specific domain like NewYorkJims.com can target customers in that area, signaling your New York base to customers and search engines.

A service-oriented domain like localcleaningservice.com indicates the nature of your business, allowing flexibility in service location which can be specified on your website.

Generate More Leads And Waste Less Ad Spend

When creating ads for a lead generation campaign consistency in your message is key to success.

When a prospect searches for ‘Accountancy Los Angeles’ you will get a greater click-through-rate (CTR) if your ad mentions ‘Accountancy Los Angeles’ and your domain name is “AccountancyLosAngeles.com” versus an ad that is for your brand name linked to a branded domain name.

A higher CTR can lead to a lower cost per click — this can lead to higher quality scores and can help you get more value out of your ad spend.

Turn Website Visitors Into More Leads And Sales

The trust and credibility that comes from having a domain name that matches exactly what your customer is looking for, psychologically encourages them to enquire or make a purchase.

They have identified that they need/want your product/service and if they come across a solution on a website with a .com domain name that is close to what they are searching for then they are more likely to convert into a lead or sale.

Make A Smart Business Investment

Any savvy business owner knows that a premium domain name is a smart investment. It gives your company an instantly recognisable and memorable name and provides a level of professionalism and credibility that can be difficult to achieve with just a basic generic .com domain.

A domain name is a great investment for your business. It is typically an appreciating asset for your business, as domain names for rarely lose value.

As they are totally unique, nobody can secure the domain name that you have and as demand for domain names in your sector increases then the value of your asset appreciates too.

Beat Your Competition

Securing a domain name is not only adding value to your business but also stops your competitors or new entrants to the market from gaining a competitive advantage. You could buy the domain name and never use it knowing that it is a business asset that is preventing your competition from using it to steal your market share.

A .com is the most trusted and recognised suffix for businesses online, it can help you to win over customers who might otherwise have gone to your competition.

Ultimately, a premium domain is an investment that can pay off in a big way for any business, large or small, whether established or just starting out.

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and what exactly is a Premium Domain Name… is it worth having one?

What Makes a Domain Name Premium?

What elevates a domain name to premium status? Premium domain names possess specific characteristics that make them stand out:

  • Short and memorable names. Premium domains are often short, which makes them easy to
    remember. Think of websites like Apple.com or Nike.com. These names stick in your mind effortlessly.
  • Common and industry-related keywords. They might contain common words or industry specific keywords. For instance, a premium domain for a pet store could be PetWarehouse.com (currently for sale by Janssen Maher for $1,000,000). These keywords signal what the website is about—therefore, improving its relevance.
  • Easy to spell and pronounce. Premium domains are user-friendly. They don’t contain complex spellings or tricky pronunciations. This simplicity ensures that visitors can easily find and remember the website.
  • Clear branding potential. Premium domains often have the potential for clear branding. They sound trustworthy and professional. Take, for example, Business.com. It’s concise and immediately suggests its purpose.

Why Premium Domains Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Premium domains are short, easily recognisable and often directly associated with a specific product or service in a particular industry. The cost of a premium domain name can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions. Why? Because they not only increase the value of a brand, but also improve consumer trust. They are an asset and can add significantly to the value of your company.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know the "true price" for a premium domain name, but there are resources to help estimate the market value of a particular domain. Domain Appraisal Valuation is the authority that Janssen Maher uses to ascertain a retail market value valued by human due diligence (so many are valued by AI these days which is simply not clever enough at the moment to ascertain a trustable result). They provide plenty of information on current market trends and rates.

All the good .coms are taken. But you can find a premium domain that is really good fit for your brand today with Janssen Maher.

Should I Buy a Premium Domain Name?

Whether you’re abusiness or an individual, owning a premium domain name can bring a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhanced credibility and trustworthiness. A premium domain name exudes professionalism and trust. It makes your online presence more credible and reassures visitors that they’re in the right place.
  • Improved CTR and online visibility. Premium domains are often concise and keyword-rich. This attracts more clicks and improves your website’s visibility on search engines. Further, this also means more traffic and potential customers.
  • Competitive advantage on search engines. Search engines often favor websites with relevant domain names. Having a premium domain that aligns with your content can boost your rankings, which will put you ahead of the competition.
  • Direct search traffic impact. With a premium domain, users can directly type your website’s name into the browser. This direct navigation traffic is highly valuable. Plus, your memorable domain becomes a key part of your branding strategy.
  • Investment potential and resale value. Premium domain names tend to appreciate over time. They’re like digital real estate. You can invest in one and potentially sell it at a profit later on.

Thousands of happy buyers

  • ★★★★★

    “Janssen Maher's service is like no other. They not only delivered the domain name but exceeded my expectations with their seamless and swift transfer process.”

    – JOHN SAUNDERS, Legal Firm

  • ★★★★★

    “I thoroughly appreciate you guys making our domain name purchase a success. The experience and knowledge you brought to the table made the whole process run smoothly. ”

    – GARY BOWEN, Restaurateur

  • ★★★★★

    "My experience with Janssen Maher was brilliant. As a business striving to make a mark online, we acquired a domain name that reflected our brand and stood out in a crowded landscape."

    - MAX MILBURN, SaaS Founder

Have any questions?

What are the benefits of owning a premium domain name?

There are many benefits to owning a premium business domain, here are just a few:

1. Trust:

  • Online trust is vital, and a stellar business name paired with a .com (the most trusted domain extension) sends a strong signal. It demonstrates your commitment to investing in your brand, making your business more trustworthy and approachable.

2. Authority:

  • Possessing the .com version of a remarkable brand name instantly establishes your business as a serious player. This can fast-track customer acquisition, open doors to industry partnerships, and attract valuable press attention.

3. SEO Advantage:

  • A business domain aligned with customer searches enhances SEO, leading to improved page ranking and higher-quality traffic. Elevate your online visibility with a domain that aligns seamlessly with user queries.

4. Brand Retention:

  • In the competitive digital landscape, brand retention is key. A concise, memorable, and distinctive business name makes your brand easily etched in consumers' minds. The matching .com ensures seamless online discovery for those who learn about you offline.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing:

  • Investing in a premium domain is a smart strategy that pays dividends. Save significantly on marketing expenses, as your distinctive name becomes a powerful brand ambassador, reducing the need for extensive brand awareness campaigns.

Elevate your business to new heights with a premium .com domain from Janssen Maher – where trust, authority, SEO, retention, and cost-effectiveness converge for unparalleled success.

Are all the domain names unique?

All of the premium domain names available through Janssen Maher are exclusive and are unique. There is only one example.com. However, there may well be other businesses that are using the same brand name. In fact, with common keyword names, it is likely. That is why owning the .com is so essential. In holding the .com, you immediately establish your business as the most official version of that name. It's unlikely any serious business is going to use a brand name where the .com domain is already in use. Many companies believe that owning the matching .com version of a business name provides more protection for their brand than a trademark.

Is the logo included with my order?

The logo is an AI generated image that visually depicts the domain name. We can send you the logo image file, however we recommend you hire a designer to create higher quality and more versatile assets using the design.

What happens after I purchase a domain name from Janssen Maher?

At Janssen Maher, we take pride in exclusively listing every domain on our marketplace, ensuring that our sellers are not only responsive but dedicated to facilitating quick and secure transfers. When you choose Janssen Maher, you gain the assurance of a dedicated agent managing your domain transfer from initiation to completion, guaranteeing a smooth and secure transaction.

1. Verification and Registrar Choice:
Upon receiving and verifying your payment, we promptly reach out via email to confirm your preferred registrar for the domain transfer. Our streamlined process includes providing a link to our tracking system. Here, you can seamlessly communicate with us, monitor the status of your transfer, access your invoice, and download essential logo files. If the domain is moved within the same registrar, expect a quick transfer typically completed within 48 hours. For inter-registrar transfers, the process may take between 48 hours to 7 days. Janssen Maher exclusively supports reputable registrars such as GoDaddy, NameSilo, Uniregistry, NameCheap, Google Domains, Name.com, Amazon Route 53, 123 Reg, Gandi, Dynadot.

2. Requesting the Name from the Seller:
Once we determine your chosen registrar, Janssen Maher promptly requests the domain from the seller. Our network of sellers is highly responsive, ensuring a swift and efficient process.

3. Transfer the Name into Your Account:
Upon receiving the domain from the seller, we initiate the transfer into your account. Our team guides you through the entire process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

4. Verification of Completed Transfer:
We confirm with you that the domain transfer is complete. Only upon this confirmation do we consider the escrow process concluded, and the payment is released to the domain seller. Trust Janssen Maher for a secure and efficient journey to premium domain ownership.

What happens after I lease a domain name from Janssen Maher?

At Janssen Maher, we understand that acquiring a premium domain might be a strategic decision that requires flexibility. Introducing our Lease-to-Own program – an alternative avenue to make your desired domain yours over manageable monthly installments. This program allows you to enjoy the benefits of the domain immediately while working towards full ownership.

How it Works:

  1. Lease Agreement:
    Opt for our Lease-to-Own program during the checkout process. You'll have the opportunity to secure the domain with convenient monthly payments.
  2. Automatic Recharges:
    Recurring payments will be made each month. You have the flexibility to cancel the lease at any time and the domain will remain with it's current owner.
  3. Ownership at Completion:
    Once all payments are successfully completed, the domain is transferred to your ownership. Your journey from leasing to owning is smooth and hassle-free with Janssen Maher.

Elevate your online presence with premium domains, and choose the Lease-to-Own program with Janssen Maher for a more flexible way to own your perfect domain name.

How do Janssen Maher value domains?

We have a rigorous domain name assessment and valuation process, we consider market values, recent sales, and our experts experience in domain name sales to determine their value.

Key factors in identifying a great domain name include:

  1. Length: The best names are succinct and direct. Shorter is generally better.
  2. Common Phrasing: Names derived from familiar phrases or expressions are often excellent choices due to their innate recognizability and catchy nature.
  3. Letter Value: Certain letters, particularly at the start of a name, carry more appeal and effectiveness.
  4. Pronunciation and Spelling: Names should be easily pronounced and understood, with spelling that is intuitive and straightforward.
  5. Industry Relevance: A great name should either suit a specific industry well or have the versatility to appeal across various sectors.
  6. Adaptability and Longevity: Ideal domain names have a broad enough scope to evolve with a company's growth, remaining relevant beyond fleeting trends.
  7. Distinctiveness: Outstanding domain names are noticeable and set themselves apart in the marketplace.
  8. Memorability: It’s crucial for a domain name to be easily recallable by consumers.

What can I do with the domain I purchase from Janssen Maher?

Once your domain is securely in your Janssen Maher account, you're ready for immediate action:

  1. Website Address Power:
    Elevate your online presence with your domain as the focal point of your website.
  2. Professional Email Domination:
    Craft professional emails like sales@yourdomain.com to boost communication and brand credibility.
  3. Branded Material Impact:
    Showcase your domain and logo on business cards and materials, reinforcing a consistent brand identity.
  4. Use It For A Landing Page: Level up your lead generation game with the perfect domain name to attract and convert your leads.
  5. Flexible Future Planning:
    Whether setting up a "coming soon" page or leaving it dormant until you're ready, you dictate the timeline. As the owner, time is on your side.

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