Pillows.com: A Strategic Move to a Premium Domain

In a pivotal development for their online presence, Craig Clark and his team at Pillows.com made a significant transition from their original domain, PacificPillows.com, to the more direct and impactful Pillows.com. This move, which also included the acquisition of Pillow.com, was finalized after six months of negotiations and a substantial financial investment in the six-figure range. This decision highlights a broader trend among businesses to secure premium domains to enhance brand visibility and streamline customer interaction.

Background and Strategic Rationale

Founded in 2004, the company initially launched as PacificPillows.com, aligning closely with one of their key business partners, Pacific Coast Feather Company (PCF). However, as both their e-commerce presence and that of PCF expanded, brand confusion began to emerge. Addressing this issue became a priority by late 2010, leading to the rebranding efforts that culminated in the acquisition of Pillows.com.

Craig Clark, a Marine Corps reservist, attorney, and seasoned domain investor, spearheaded the negotiations. "We saw that the domain was owned by a domain investor. As I own a lot of domains, I knew that they probably get all kinds of random emails trying to buy premium domains below market value. So, I called them up and sent a detailed email to show them we were a legit end user," Clark explained. This proactive approach facilitated a successful negotiation, allowing Pillows.com to secure both domain names from the same owner as a package.

Impact on Business

The transition to Pillows.com was not without its challenges, particularly in terms of SEO performance. Initially, the company experienced a drop in search engine rankings, a common issue when changing domain names. However, this was quickly rectified, and the company has since seen improved conversion rates and overall business performance. "Once SEO was reestablished, it has been great. We definitely have better conversions overall, and the purchase price was worth every penny," Clark noted.

Additional Domain Strategies

Beyond Pillows.com, Clark and his company have continued to invest in single-word .COM domains such as Sheet.com, positioning themselves not just as retailers but also as savvy domain investors. "I pick up interesting names that have a reasonable price and hold them. I’m not likely to sell unless the offer is really good or the use is really unique," he said, highlighting a strategic approach to domain acquisition that blends brand enhancement with investment potential.

Advice for Companies Considering Domain Upgrades

For businesses contemplating a similar upgrade, Clark's advice is clear: "Brand is key. Having a one-word category killer name as our brand has been everything for us." This perspective underscores the importance of a premium domain in establishing a memorable and effective online brand presence.


The acquisition of Pillows.com and Pillow.com by Craig Clark and his team represents a calculated risk that has paid substantial dividends in terms of brand recognition and business efficiency. This case study exemplifies the strategic value of premium domains in today's digital marketplace, where direct, memorable domain names are integral to achieving sustained business success.

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