CBDOil.com: $500k domain name pays for itself in 90 days

In a significant move within the burgeoning CBD industry, Joe Vargas, the Founder and CEO of BuyLegalMeds.com, successfully secured the domain CBDOil.com for $500,240. This acquisition positioned his company to further capitalize on the explosive growth of the cannabis-related products market.

Strategic Domain Acquisition

The purchase of CBDOil.com is not just a simple domain change; it represents a major strategic upgrade for Vargas' online presence in the highly competitive CBD market. As the industry continues to grow, owning a category-defining domain like CBDOil.com gives Vargas' operations a significant advantage over competitors.

Background of the Deal

Joe Vargas, a former United States Navy serviceman turned CBD industry entrepreneur, recognized the intrinsic value of the domain CBDOil.com due to its direct relevance to his existing business, which prominently features CBD oil as a marquee product. The deal was facilitated directly between Vargas and the domain's previous owner, without intermediary brokers. Ownership was transferred via a secure payment platform prviding swift conclusion to the negotiations.

Business Impact and Vision

Vargas saw CBDOil.com as a pivotal element in his business strategy. "The CBD oil industry is exploding right now and to have the authoritative domain for the entire industry would be powerful," Vargas stated, acknowledging the industry’s potential to expand into a multi-billion dollar market. The acquisition aligns with his long-term vision to establish CBDOil.com as a trusted, educational hub in the CBD space — effectively becoming the 'Amazon of CBD.'

Operational Plans

Despite the new acquisition, Vargas maintained BuyLegalMeds.com as a separate entity. Known for its vibrant customer base and worldwide shipping capabilities, BuyLegalMeds.com continues to serve its existing market while CBDOil.com targets broader educational and marketplace functions within the industry. The strategic differentiation between the two domains allows Vargas to capture a wider audience and respond to diverse consumer needs.

Future Prospects

Vargas forecast quick recovery of the investment, projecting that the domain's authority and search engine relevance will significantly boost business revenue within the first 90 days of the site's relaunch. He acknowledges, however, that achieving top SEO rankings will require time and additional marketing strategies, but will pay for the domain name acquisition over and over again.


The acquisition of CBDOil.com by Joe Vargas is a testament to the strategic importance of domain names in digital marketing and brand positioning, especially in rapidly growing industries. This move is expected to not only enhance the visibility of Vargas’ business but also solidify its standing as a leader in the CBD market. With this strategic domain in hand, CBDOil.com is poised to become a central platform in the evolving landscape of cannabis-related products.

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